Posted by: frecklesspeckles | August 12, 2007

Purée of Vegetable Soup

Purée of Vegetable Soup

(source: improvised from Purée of Onion, Leek, and Celery Soup by Maya Kitchen Mix and Match Meals 5 cookbook)

Puree of Vegetable Soup


3 ½ tbsp. margarine
½ cup sliced onions, leek, and celery
1 cup sliced vegetables (get whatever you have in the ref. For this recipe, I used carrots, potatoes, parsley, and tomatoes)
3 ½ tbsp. all purpose flour (reduce quantity if potatoes are included)
4 cup white chicken stock
pinch of thyme
bay leaf
salt and pepper to taste


In a casserole, slightly sauté in margarine all the sliced vegetables. Coat vegetables with flour and stir fry for a few minutes. Cool slightly. Gradually mix in the hot stock. Bring to boil, stirring constantly. Add the herbs and simmer for approximately 45 mins; skim when necessary. Discard bay leaf. Transfer the soup mixture to a food processor (I used our ever reliable smoothie blender for this) and blend until smooth. Season to taste. Serve hot.


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