Posted by: frecklesspeckles | July 4, 2008

Beef Steak Salpicao

I got this recipe from my sister-in-law.  You can use tenderloin tips instead of steak.  Again, the secret ingredient here is the garlic.  Use the same slow cooking technique mentioned in Seafood Pasta in Olive Oil recipe.

Beaf Steak Salpicao

Sirloin or rib-eye steak, or tenderloin cut into cubes
1 whole garlic, minced
4 tbsps Worcestershire sauce
4 tbsps Knorr or Maggie Seasoning (walang Knorr dito!!!)
4 tbsps soy sauce
1/4 tsp baking soda (to tenderize the meat)
freshly ground black pepper
3 tbsp oil

Before you start:
Marinade the beef in Worcestershire sauce, Knorr/Maggie Seasoning, soy sauce, baking sode and black pepper mixture. Refrigerate overnight.

1. In a skillet, heat the oil and cook the minced garlic over low heat. Liquid in pan should barely bubble. Cover the skillet and let cook for around 15 minutes or until the garlic turns brown. Drain the garlic and set aside.

2. Use the remaining oil in the skillet, bring to high heat. When the pan is smoking, put the meat in the skillet and let it sear on both sides. Let it cook according to how well you want it to be. I prefer it medium as the meat will still continue to cook when you remove it from the skillet. Remove the steak from the pan and put it in serving plate.

3. Heat the remaining juices in the skillet and add the remaining marinade mixture until it comes to a boil. Pour over steak or serve it on a separate bowl as gravy.

4. Scatter the crispy garlic generously on top of the steak.

5. Serve immediately.



  1. Mare, along Dufferin there is a train station. Di ko lang maalala which line. Banda dun merong pinoy store. At merong knorr im sure. If not, find an asian store. Dun ka makakahanap along with patis. 🙂

  2. I will try this for lunch tomorrow. Mukang masarap.

  3. Nakoh, Wandy!
    Gustong gusto ni Pots tikman ang “COOKING NI WANDA”!


  4. Thanks for sharing Wanda! kailangn ko ng bagong menu aside from adobo *lol* bka mangapitbahay si Chris 🙂 thanks again! this is really a big help 🙂

  5. This looks so scrumptious! I’d love this with rice. Your pic is amazing. I want to eat it right now!

  6. I tried the recipe using squid/cuttlefish (minus the baking soda) to make a squid salpicao and the result was astonishingly delicious. Thanks for base recipe.

  7. […] am going to try her Beef Salpicao as soon as we have can go grocery shopping again. It sounds like it closely compares to Matthew’s […]

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